Years of experience
Creativity between craftsmanship and modernity

The style office supports the client in the design, trend research and custom study of themes, providing all the professionalism and manual skills acquired over years of experience.

Techniques used
Manual decorations

With the manual decoration you can loose in creativity and make use of the great…

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Freehand airbrush

With the airbrush decoration technique, the peculiarity of the texture yarns and refined fabrics are…

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Digital print

With digital printing it is possible to recreate graphics with infinite colors on finished garments,…

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Thermo press print

Whith the termo-press print you can aplly foil, create polished, spreads and light effects to…

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Dyes and special treatments

With the Tie-dye dyeing it is possible to obtain shades of colors and geometries that…

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We keep our savoir-faire with an eye to the future.
Luxury & Fashion

Experience and competence at the service of the best luxury brands and the world of fashion

The historical archive

Books, drawings, stencils and clothes made in over thirty years of work designs that the company provides to its clients

A reality in color

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